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Here you will find information about our ministries. We have leaders ready to walk alongside you to find your God given potential and gifts.




Fill out the "Join a Team" card or you can fill it out on our website. You will be able to select where you would like to serve at Arise. Once you have filled the interest form, an email will be sent to you with information regarding the vision, mission and responsibilities that particular ministry. The email will also inform you about important events for you to meet the team and get to know the ministry better.  

Once you have connected to a team at Arise, a leader will walk you through the recruitment process. You will have to complete a background check to secure the safety of the members and guest of Arise and fill out the confidentiality agreement form, the safety waiver and volunteer waiver.  

Next is the learning process. Once you have filled out all necessary information, the team will teach you about the responsibilities, protocol or processes for you to be successful as an Arise volunteer. Becoming a volunteer at Arise will give you the opportunity to learn about team building, leadership, communication, connecting with others and so much more. 

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